The Marks Of A Dying Marriage: It’s Not Too Late To Do Something!

             Married couples do have fights. Fighting is an inevitable part of the married life. The two individuals are not perfect human beings and no matter how ‘perfect’ they are for each other, there will always be daily challenges that shake up and measure the bond that a married couple has. In fact, despite the fact that there is love between two individuals given that they are married, they will always have lapses in their obligations to each other and these lapses, sometimes rule out love. At times, love is enough to overcome these conflicts. At other times, love just ain’t enough and the conflicts take a toll on the marriage.

            Divorce lawyers have determined 5 signs that foreshadow a divorce. Sometimes, these are resolved. Sometimes, these following reasons just add up to the alarming statistic of broken marriages.

            Adultery is the most popular problem that some married couples has. It is the reason behind a large percentage of the number of divorce cases due to the fact that it is very hard to resolve and recover from that divorce seems to be the only solution. Marriage is founded on mutual trust, and it is this trust that is destroyed. Its damages are the most irreversible ones and even when a couple decides to move on, the fact that the husband or the wife has been in bed with somebody else will always haunt both partners and will disturb the couple from time to time.

            The second popular reason behind divorce cases, according to divorce lawyers, is financial instability. It’s either one of the couple is a saver and another is an irresponsible spender, a conflict in the values of both individuals and a reason for one to accuse the other of insensibility. Financial struggles cause stress and pressure, which at most times, spill over the marriage. In this case, the married couple is prone to having toxic conversations and arguments that only give one a means to hurt and to get hurt by the other.

            Work stress is another factor that leads the couple to resort to living separate lives. At times, a married couple gets too engrossed in their respective careers that they forget their responsibilities and obligations as a husband and a wife. Too much focus on work drives the couple away from each other. Their bond is weakened. And when they come home from a stressful day at the office they do not find the comfort that they seek because, the former kind of intimacy they have with their partner isn’t there anymore.

            The next reason behind divorce cases is substance addiction or other forms of addiction. A person who is dependent to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other vices are difficult to live with. Their emotional tendencies are hard to cope with. Ultimately, the struggling partner decides to go a separate way.Visit us here: Divorce procedure Singapore to know the signs that say you’re leading to divorce.

             When all of these things take a toll on the couple’s nerves and tolerance, depression kicks in. Depression then causes individuals to become hard to be with. Aside from emotional bouts, a depressed partner fails to perform his duties as a wife and, perhaps, as a mother. Depression, when not resolved, always leads to destruction of things and life.

            When you recognize yourself to be in any of these five situations, there is enough reason to be alarmed but necessarily be worried. It is always an advantage to be able to be aware of the current situation you are in. It pays to be aware, be prepared, and have the chance to do something to prevent whatever bad thing that you see is coming. There need not be divorce always. It should always be each one’s mindset to prevent it as much as possible.